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BloodShot Custom Xbox One Controller
Average Rating
Part Number:5150-2
Blue Urban Camouflage Xbox One Controller
Average Rating
Part Number:1018-856-2
Hex Grip Xbox One Controller
Average Rating
Part Number:1018-875
PopTart Xbox One Controller
Average Rating
Part Number:1337
Purple Hex Splat Custom PS4 Controller
Average Rating
Part Number:10133
Royal Blue and Gold Hex Custom PS4 Controller
Average Rating
Part Number:1013-2-2-2

There are three ways to get ProModded:
Design a PMZ Controller
Start with a sweet shell design. Add lights, modz, and paint. Make it one of a kind. Then kill with it.

Mail Your Own Controller 
Cheap and easy! Mail us your old, boring controller, get back a custom PMZ beast! Prices starting at $25.

ProModz Signature Series
Choose from one of our best original designs, styled by ProModz. You choose modz and extras.

Any of our controllers (or even yours!) can be outfitted with modz. Choose from 3 different Rapid Fire installations, Drop Shot, and more. Our modz are proven killers on these games, just to name a few...



We have so many accessories available, there are millions of combinations to customize your controller. (Probably. We haven't tried them all yet. :) Choose custom LED's, rumble fire, colored triggers, D-Pad, Thumbsticks, and much, much more. Get your custom accessories with any controller purchase at checkout.

At ProModz, we only use the absolute highest quality paint and equipment. It won't chip, wear off, fade, or lose any of its awesomeness over time. It's designed for the hard-core gamer and tons of use. 

Often imitated, never duplicated. The creative minds at ProModz have brought you the most original designs on the market. Other companies sell similar designs with similar names, but you saw it here first. And since we never hydro-dip, (which produces a lower-quality coating and design limitations) your controller is as unique as you are.