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Iron Banner Controller
Iron Banner ps4 controllerdestiny ps4 controllerdestiny ps4 controllerdestiny ps4 controller
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Iron Banner PS4 Controller


Custom Text / PSN Lettering

This text will be done in an awesome “Destiny” themed font on the back side of the controller.


Mail in your own existing GENUINE Sony Playstation 4 controller. Must be a stock controller. No paint, no mods.

Product Description

Iron Banner Hand Crafted PS4 Controller

Sure you have to be level 40 to become Iron Banner in Destiny, but this hand crafted controller is ready to rock.

*Text Optional. Your PSN or Text will be placed in a “Destiny” style font on the back side of the controller.


  • Gold on White Iron Banner design
  • Metallic Gold Buttons
  • White PS4 Analogs
  • Metallic Gold  D-Pad
  • Metallic Gold  Start/Back
  • Metallic Gold  Triggers (Left and Right)
  • Metallic Gold Bumpers (Left and Right)
  • Metallic Gold Home Button
  • X2 Coats Ultra Gloss

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Note: Each custom controller will not be exactly as pictured, as each custom remote is hand painted and unique.  Product shown with all mods. Please allow up to 10-20 business days for your custom controller to be made. More or less depending on how busy we are. If you do not have patience, do not order. Thank you for your patience in advance. 

*Product does not come with text on it. This was only for the original.

Usually orders come with a few ProModz Stickers / PMZ Fliers / or some 3D Printed stuff, but if you want to purchase some additional sweg: Click Here or if you want the ultimate ProModz gear, check our Spreadshirt: Click Here

Additional Information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in

2 reviews for Iron Banner PS4 Controller

    5 out of 5


    you guys should work with bungee! This is the best destiny ps4 controller ever.

    5 out of 5



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