Thank you for considering ProModz for your sponsorship/affiliation. We’re interested in having motivated individuals represent ProModz to the fullest! Want to earn REAL CASH and exposure, while being represented by the leader in custom airbrushed gaming controllers? Check the application below!
Sponsorship Tiers/Levels:


(*Must have at 2+ of the following requirements – Youtube: 5k+ or Twitter: 2k+ or Instagram: 5k+ or Twitch 1k+)
– 10% off http://ProModz.com products
– Can upload 1 video to the Sponsored Channel once a month.


(*Must have 2+ of the following requirements – Youtube: 10K+ or Twitter: 10k+ or Instagram: 10k+ or Twitch 1.5k+)
– 12% off http://ProModz.com products
– 5% Revenue from sales
– @ProModzGaming Follow/RTs
– Can upload 1 video to the Sponsored Channel every 2 weeks


(Requirements (1 or more)- Youtube: 40K+ or Twitter: 15k+ or Instagram: 20k+ or Twitch 5k+)
– 15% off http://ProModz.com custom controllers
– 6% Revenue from sales
– @ProModzGaming Follow/RTs
– Name on our Sponsored Channels
– Video Upload any time.


Requirements(1 or more) – Youtube: 80K+ or Twitter: 50k+ or Instagram: 80k+ or Twitch 30k+
– 18% off ProModz.com products
– 8% Revenue from sales
– @ProModzGaming Follow/RTs
– PMZ prize pack
– Possibly a free mail-in service
– Priority video upload, Retweets


Requirements(1 or more) – Youtube: 300K+ or Twitter: 200k+ or Instagram: 250k+ or Twitch 30k+
– 20% off ProModz.com
– 10% Revenue from sales
– @ProModzGaming Follow/RTs
– ProModz Prize Pack
– ProModz Fliers
– FREE Custom Controller(s)
– Priority Video Upload


*If you do not meet these requirements,  please come back when you do! Thx!
NOTE: We look at your social media profile as a whole.
Do your fans interact on Twitter?
Do your fans comment on your videos?
How often you tweet/post on IG/Upload/Stream.
Do you represent your current sponsors well?
All of these factors and more help our decision, not matter how small or large you are. We want someone that will be a part of our fam, Someone who will interact with us.


What we want from you?
We’re looking for professional, good-natured people to join our family. We want some one that will go out of their way to let people know about our quality product. Some one that has knowledge of and is excited about ProModz’ hand crafted goodness. Not afraid to rep ProModz on your Twitter background, your Twitch screen splash, your YouTube Sub Box, wallpaper or any other social media branding that will help us, help you.  We’re not JUST a sponsor, and you’re not JUST an affiliate… We’re FAM!!


*Side note: Trash Talking is fine, its a part of playing video games… But any kind of racism, sexist, and all around bigotry will not be tolerated. If you are caught, you will be immediately dropped.


*NONE of this information will be used for any purpose other than official ProModz business. This form is private.